2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)

Oct 18, 2002
Zeki be in team.
I said it before and I say it again that most of these new players are at a high school level.
Why keeping a stupid nervous n useless player in team with a yellow while he got 2 yellows before n got ejected?
Shojaei maybe was good for his club team 1 time but for TM he's a disaster.

The new coach Wilmots or whatever his name is got so mad that he didn't want to go back to Iran with the team after the shameful loss.
He said the players didn't listen to him and other ppl make decisions for TM.

Same old crap. These bastards must go...they have robbed Iran for 40 damn years and done their damnest to put us in the shame and bankruptcy both physically and morally.
This is the 3rd or 4th generation under this cheap classless stupid and useless jomboori or republic crap.
IF anyone still doubts and/or is pro this gov. he/she is an Idiot and or a retard.
And are included in the B word....
It's one thing when a person doesn't know who his father is But when his mother doesn't know or isn't sure then you have a real B.and thats jomboori/democracy for you.
Ream am be democracy goh n it's inventors.
We need to get this country back together if we want a solid team that can at least go up to the 2nd rounds in WC.
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Oct 12, 2011
Iraq 0 Bahrain 0 FT

If and it's a big IF Iran win all 4 matches(3 @ home) they will top the table, having said that Wilmots, Shojaei & Haj Safi need to get lost and stay away from Team Melli and we might have a chance.
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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Some people wanted a win for Iraq but thsi is the best result and yes we have to win all of our four games. Good news is we get Iraq and Bahrain HOME and we should beat Hong Kong and Cambodia, anywhere, although Bahrain did tie to them so we can't take Hong Kong lightly. They can play the role of the spoiler and prevent us from qualifying. We have no margin for error but we are still not out of it. Best thing that happened to us was Bahrain tying to Hong Kong and Iraq and Bahrain tie. So now we just have to take care of business we still control our own destiny.
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