22 Bahman photo dumps


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Oct 12, 2011
What a sad and dark day in history... What a sad day. In hopes of the phoenix rising once again
Ostad Jan how on earth could Iranians get rid of this fanatic barbaric I.R.I regime that hides behind Shiasm and execute oppositions for fun??
How do you see Iran in the next 10 years?
Oct 18, 2002
one of the problems in iranian society is supporters (die hard ones) of IRI like paint a caricature of pro-change people as bunch of drunks whose only priority in life is have "fun" in vegas or an Antalia type of a place.

the converse is also true; the anti-regime folks like to paint a caricature of the other side that these folks are just in it for the money, they are all uneducated and ...

during the last 8.5 years (past 1388). I have interacted with many more vehemently anti-regime folks (1388 being the catalyst) and have interacted with regime supporters here and there in a taxi or in a shop.

I have seen plenty of a*hoels and nice regular people on both sides.