AFC final

Ali N.

Bench Warmer
Aug 3, 2004
This was the closest an iranian club has played the final out of the 4 times iranian clubs have made it to the final since we have AFC champions league... sad that it ended with a loss! Perspolis played a good game, maybe the first penalty is justifiable to some extent, but I don't see how a defender in such a game can raise his hand so high that instead of a header it felt like he wants to catch the ball!!! Unbelievable...
The trend in these games tells me that this lack of fundamental(s) in our teams always comes and bites us in the most crucial/important games...


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Oct 18, 2002
Bro, how did you draw that conclusion from what I posted?
Because that is why they lost. Without their stupid mistakes, even this team without the 40%, could have won the game. If they had at least tried a bit harder during the last 20 minutes, they had a chance to win even with their mistakes. We need to accept that pespes just sucked.