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Oct 23, 2003
این فرمایش ایشان را در کتاب حلیه‌المتقیین نوشته آخوند دربار صفووی، علامه‌ی مجلسی هست. ایشان یکی از متحجر ترین آخوندهای دوران بوده و مزخرفاتش هنوز در قم بسیار طرفدار داره.
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Oct 18, 2010
air travel is probably the only industry that has gone backwards in
the past 40+ years.
it used to be fun and a luxury to fly around the world.
now it's a shore to be optimistic and a torture if you are a pesimist.



Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
LMFAO The Office Parody Stanley yells at Michael Trump.
Don't you wish you can tell your boss to go fly a kite, like Stan the man?
The Office Parody Stanley yells at Michael Trump
Me to the manager 1,000 words worth
Stanley- "You are out of your damn pea sized mind, what is wrong with you?'
Stanley-"Do you have any sense at all, do you have any idea how to run an office?: Stanley-"EVERY DAY you do something stupider than the day before, and I say "There is no possible way he can top that, but what do you do damnit, you find a way to top it.!"
Stanley-best line, "You are a professional IDIOT!"
Michael Trump-Stop it!
Oct 18, 2010
after 19 years of war more than 2500 dead americans and
thousands of disabled americans and wasting trilions of $
this is what the usa is forced to do.

negotiate with the afghanistan taliban for an exit.

fat mike knows it too and is ready to blow up standing there
with a bitter smirk next to the moola :ROFLMAO:

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