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Bench Warmer
Mar 26, 2006
saudi student refuses to stand next to his cousin and prefers to
stand next to the iranian student.

if he did it on purpose then khake alam to saresh ba oon maghze aghab moondash
he is just a sheep following whatever the media feeds him , there is one world and we are all in it together regardless of ethnicity color religion


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Oct 18, 2010
i did not know about this but it looks like the tso performed
in russia as part of the iranian delegation and got to see the
boys play live for free.



Ball Boy
Oct 22, 2016
u just like the jahkesh rafei poor and koskesh abbassi try to simplify everything.. and use as proof to support ur discussion..

IR and UK/Israel behave the same under this scenario.. there's no parallel .. but ur stretched imagination..

We will have our own bloody Sunday soon.;


IPL Player
Oct 18, 2010
LOL!it's good to have the brits get their knickers in a bunch
over something bbc banned in iran?

Iranian activists infiltrate Labour and vote in ballot of no-confidence for pro-Israel MP

Labour activists are calling for an inquiry after an Iranian state-backed TV station which is banned in the UK carried footage of a local party meeting passing a vote of no confidence in the Enfield North MP, Joan Ryan.

The Press TV footage, which appeared to have been filmed inside the meeting, was carried on the station’s Twitter feed and referred to Ryan, who is the chair of Labour Friends of Israel, as a “pro-Israel MP”. It included the hashtag #WeAreEnfieldNorth.

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The local party chairman, Siddo Dwyer, said that filming was not allowed in the room and that he would be making a formal complaint to the channel. “Warnings were issued about filming, including a direct warning to the member in question,” he wrote on Twitter. “It didn’t occur to any of us at the time that they were from a state broadcaster.”

But Roshan Salih, a journalist at Press TV, disputed that account. He told the Guardian: “No general warnings issued, no posters, no approach to person we obtained footage from.”