Ancient Persian (Parsi/Farsi) script vs Ancient Aramaic (Chaldean) script

Jul 5, 2009
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In my quest to learn more of the Persian (Farsi) language and above all to write and read, I have achieved a barely and fairly mixed results, no doubt I need to learn a lot more.
I can perceive the language and I can speak just plainly, what I need more is to write and read all these crumbles & squiggles.
There are load and loads of sites with colored menus such as how to type and how to speak Farsi.
However and out of the sudden I managed to click myself to this clip, they youngster teach how to write and pronounce the ancient Chaldean (Assyrian 2500-609 BC) language/script.

The similarities with Old Persian scriptures are striking.
Listen how she pronounces/spells "the end of the line" #3, @ min. 18:37!

Old Persian Script Avestaaee

Aramaic Script

Old Persian Script Pahlavi
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Oct 24, 2002
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I didn't watch the video, but very interesting how the scrips are similar to Persian. No doubt the topic of the origins of the Persian alphabet has been well and truly researched and its just there for those who are interested to dig up the research. My understanding is that the Assyrians where overthrown in 612 B.C. by Chaldaeans who came to power in Babylon to be followed by Persians (539-227 B.C.) who were overthrown by the Alexander and his Greeks.