And Adios Don Andres ...!


BARCELONA, Spain — Andres Iniesta, the midfielder who embodied Barcelona’s creative attacking style and helped the team win dozens of trophies, is leaving the Spanish club after 16 seasons.

In an emotional news conference attended by most of his teammates, his family and club executives, Iniesta said Friday "this season is the last" at Barcelona.

"I have spent all my life here at this club and it is not easy to leave," Iniesta said after fighting back tears and regaining his composure. "My time here ends this season. I understand that the club that took me in at 12 deserves the best of me in return, and I have given it that until now, but in the near future I won’t be able to both physically and mentally.

"The club has placed its confidence," he said. "And I have always said that if I am not able to give my all to my club that has given me everything then I wouldn’t be happy."




Bench Warmer
Mar 26, 2006
class act player , he will surely be missed by barcelona and all football fans
one of the greatest midfielders to ever play football


National Team Player
Jan 26, 2004
Sad day for football...... As a Madrid fan my hats off to him. Real would not be who they are without opponents like him. A class act and a superb footballer.


Bench Warmer
Feb 6, 2005
What a player ... What a triangle Barca had ... 2 down, 1 still going strong.

Indeed that was a great triangle Barca had....
at least Xavi has Morteza to hang out with, what is Iniesta gonna do now?!
Nov 29, 2002
Iniesta shirreh

Literally the best single player performances I've seen live has been Iniesta. He shat on every other player on the pitch with how much he could control the tempo of the game around his little finger.