another new ANNOYING reporter of IRIB

Kian Pars

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Dec 9, 2005
Man, this guy (Abbas Ghane) really pisses me off, I don't know where he learned from to scream like cazy every time somebody shoots (which is very often in football). His jokes are tasteless, he sounds like one of those LAAT guys who enjoys annoying people. When I watch highlights from Varzesh3 they mention it as "GOZARESHE EKHTESASI". Is he mimicking the Spanish speaking reporters? I cannot even leave the speaker level to 1 when I watch highlights, my son hears him from 2 rooms far from me.


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Oct 22, 2016
yes he's colorful and different.. entertaining for now. OK for me for now unless he changes into something else.

Siro piazesh mitooneh ziad bashe bara ba'ziha .. ;)
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Oct 22, 2016
One wonders if any of these broadcasters really ever played football. A lot of what they Googoo gaga over is really some natural touches and in some cases lucky ones. A player would know any decent player is capable of magic.