Anybody else stuck in Tehran?

May 2, 2003
Hey everybody,
I just measured the snow and it sits at 95cm. I'm stuck@home. Tehran is at a standstill. We got a bunch of neighbours and friends together and we have started partying in the street drinking, having snowfights and making a giant snowwoman lol. The girls are hijabless since nobody can make it to our neighbourhood anyways. Wish you were here (thought I throw a little Floyd in there).


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Oct 18, 2002
Have lots of fun Mash ghasem jan! :) Jaye maro ham khali kon!

Whizz: You don't have snow in England??? :eek:


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Oct 26, 2004
this is the best time to be in Tehran, I love snow & cold.

actually I heard the city center got only around 15 cm, but the outskirts got around 75cm. schools got closed for 3 days for 15 cm of snow, gotta love Iran.


News Team
Oct 18, 2002
San Diego, CA
Ahhhh man, I love a snowy Tehran soooooo much! The air becomes clean and
breathable. Those majestic ,snow-covered mountains around Tehran are a sight
I could sit and watch for hours. I wish so much I was there now. I miss my Iran! :-(


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Feb 8, 2005
Ottawa, Canada
I love it too. Here in Canada we have snow a lot, but nothing would be like a snowy day in Tehran. I don't know why, but snowy days here are not beautiful at all. May be because snow does not stay on trees, it is just on the ground as the temperature is not around 0C here but -10.


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Oct 19, 2002
agree with u Hameed jan!
I went to Iran last Winter and its so lovely and cute!! and the way ppl nag about 'cold' weather there is so funny!!!(comparing to actual cold w here!!);)

thanx for pics! heaviest in 3 decades?!!! oh com`n when I was a kid,we used to get 1meter snow many times in Tehran..its not uncommon!


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Feb 6, 2005
BBC's report claims "unprecedented in last 34 years", but I also remember many snowy days (with heavy load) when I was a kid. Apparently it caused lots of flight cancellations and some areas in the northern part of the country are not accessible at all. If you recall, Esteghlal's trip to Kermanshah for a friendly match was also cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Regardless, Tehran looks so beautiful under snow. May be because of its lovely nature during winter or may be because it covers the ugliness of a big crowded city! I just worried about "karton-khab-ha" (homeless people). Hope they find a warm place to stay.