Appreciate the good thing we have here

Feb 4, 2005
I was banned a long time ago at PFDC for criticizing IR by that mustachioed moron. Today I just tried to log in and realized it was a life time ban for merely calling somebody an IR hack. Interestingly enough the owner claims to be anti IR but that site is infested and moderated by IR apologists. Maybe we don't deserve free speech and that is why our country is in such a fucked up state. Anyway just wanted to Thank Pooya and whoever else owns this site ( I have no idea who does).
Here is the message from PFDC:

You have been banned for the following reason:
Ignoring site rules and numerous warnings!
Date the ban will be lifted: Never


IPL Player
Oct 18, 2010
yeah some healing balm cultist is really appreciating it by spamming the forum
with his expanding one line motto in assorted threads :ROFLMAO:

Who the FU.K was it here talking about "No Justice, No Peace" …. FU.K YOU MOTHER FU.KER and FU.K ir …… tell your mom and sister to stop sucking there is nothing left ! FU.k you Floyd cock sucker !


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Zob ahan jan and I am not going to poke jabs at PFDC to not upset pooya jan but
I experienced something a bit similar, except it had nothing to do with the IR. They
could not tolerate the fact that i was a navy vet but that is neither here or there.
I let it go and every site has its political tendency and rules.
I enjoy ISP for the relatively little rules it has and people, within reason,
are free to post as they wish. Just my take I am happy that I found a home here. Not every site
is for everyone. Look I didn't get along with the Facebook Los Angeles Bayern Munich club and
I am from LA but Vegas, SD and OC, no problem again, different strokes for different folks.
Cet-s la vi- such is life.