Are Obama and Netanyahu

Oct 18, 2002
This was a multi purpose show.

It was beneficial for the election purposes.

I don't think IRI leaders are new at this. Netanyahu and other folks in Israel's leadership have been threatening military action or calling for it for a long time.

This is just putting pressure on republican to disallow a deal.

which can be good on multiple levels for Netanyahu. First he still has Iran to campaign on next election season.
Second by perpetually preventing a deal he can run the clock out on Obama's presidency.

Then a president Hillary or President Mr Republican (Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry) can be pushed around easier to go bomb the hell out of Iran for an extended period of time.

This is not about the nuclear program. It is about Israel's worry that the U.S strategy is changing in the world and Israel wants to keep the U.S heavily bugged down in the middle east to protect its interests.


Bench Warmer
Dec 30, 2014
I agree. This is mostly about stopping (really delaying) a strategic shift on the part of US.

Conspiracy theorists, particularly the Monarchist types, believe this was also the case in the 70's and that is why Shah was undermined with the help of Israel and BBC. To make sure Israel retained its place as a sole strategic ally of US in Middle East. I do not know how much truth there is to that theory, but Iran and Israel are natural adversaries, not because of religion, but because each has hegemonic intentions. At this point these hegemonic intentions will only be permitted if US acquiesces. Iran, in many ways, will make a better ally than Israel for US.

I do believe there seems to be a shift taking place.
Feb 22, 2005
The situation with Isis and the region has given Iran a strong hand that is needed. Netanyahu's biggest issue is US and Iran becoming friends. He is a man of hatred and needs conflict to survive.

Congress, as stupid as they are, they know with Isis there Iran is needed. That is why Republicans delayed the vote on the bill they were planning to pass.

It seems Iran is the only force able to bring Kurds and Shias to unite and fight together in Iraq. And there is an understanding that Iran is helping them keep up the fight while US is speeding up training Iraqi military to be able to fight against Isis. There was a great article about it in NY times the other day. That there is an understanding between US and Iran and sort of coordinating. This is one reason the warmonger Netanyahu is concern as it weakens his position of occupation and settlement building.


Oct 16, 2008
As long as you recognize Obama is not a player - he is just a card.
USA is not involved in word decisions - has no been since 2008.


IPL Player
Oct 18, 2010
the crime minister is the new clown prince of international politics.



IPL Player
Jun 8, 2010
There is no conflict between any one in this circus, the clown was up to play his role, he might be upset in the mean that by no conflict not that much money-e moft he is just trying to delay that , he knows money now shiftted to muslims conflict in several shapes which guarantees the benefit back for the 300 comitee sponser.

Leaks of thousands Mossad documents just before his speech , not attending of Hussain Siaah , Zarif interview about his zert opert , all shows the money macking source has moved , this clown knows that , one of the reason that he is one of ISIS supportes, they may play bad cup good cup routine but not for Iran government but for stupid sheep-minded people of the world, those who believes this circus is real.

Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme
Spy Cables reveal Mossad concluded that Iran was not producing nuclear weapons, after PM sounded alarm at UN in 2012.

Jun 14, 2005
این مادر قحبه ها اگه فقط بیان, دست از حمایت از حزب الله لبنان ور دارن, همین نتانیاهو میشه نوکرشون. ولی چون زر زر زیاد میکنن (البته نه عملی, امامشون زر از گرفتن قدس به دست سپاه اسلام میزد ولی همون اسراییل میدونست همش زر بیخوده و بهش اسلحه هم میداد تو جنگ با عراق چون میدونست, صدام مرد عمله نه این حیوونات شیعه), نتانیاهو و هر عضوی از دولت اسرائیل همیشه رو اینها زوم خواهد بود. اسرائیل به دنبال از بین بردن هر گونه خطر تسلیحاتی و یا تبلیغاتی هست و این حقشه. اینها یاد گرفتن که برای زنده موندن نمیتونن وایسن تا بهشون حمله بشه, باید قبل از اینکه بهشون حمله بشه, هرگونه احتمال حمله رو تو نطفه از بین ببرن. خیلی منطقیه. بعد از اینکه بزرگترین دشمن اسرایل یعنی دولت بعثی عراق رو امریکا و جمهوری اسلامی با هم از بین بردن, و بعد از اینکه سوریه یعنی دومین کشور ضد اسرایلی منطقه رو به دست مزدورین آمریکایی-اسرائیلی (داعش ) تقریبا از بین بردن, حالا نوبت از بین بردن بقیه آت و اشغال هایی است که میتونن برای اینها خطر ایجاد کنن و اون هم حزب الله لبنان است که شاخه مسلح همون ملا های شیعه ایران هستند. حالا این وسط دولت اسرایل به جایی رسیده که من ۳۰ ساله رسیدم: اینها فهمیدن که پشت رژیم جمهوری اسلامی امریکا بوده و هست. اینکه بوده رو میدونستن, ولی فکر نمیکردن که به خاطر یه موشه اسلامیست شیعه در ایران, امریکا حتی با اسرایل هم در بیوفته. این یعنی فاجعه برای ملت ایران. فاجعه ای که من سال هاست دارم ازش حرف میزنم. اسلام شیعه, اسلام مورد علاقه دولت امریکا بوده و هست چون دروغ و بدل کاری و تظاهر و تقیه جزو آداب و رسوم این فرقه بوده و اینها قادر هستند در آن واحد با ۱۰۰ تا زبون صحبت کنن, درست موقعی که ۲۰ نفر رو دار میزنن, میان از نقص حقوق بشر در کشور های دیگه گله میکنن...سنی ها فقط ابزار کار های کوتاه مدت هستند, شیعه ها رو اینا در دراز مدت بهشون احتیاج دارن. خلاصه اینکه نتانیاهو فهمیده که این وسط دولت امریکا به موقع به اسراییل هم کیر میزنه. البته این دفعه اول نیست, امریکا در زمان کارتر هم به اسرایل کیر میزد ولی کسی توجه نمیکرد. منافع امریکا وقتی ایجاب کنه, اینا اسرائیل رو هم قربونی میکنن و این رو نتانیاهو فهمیده و واسه همینه که آرامش نداره.

Mr Thick

IPL Player
Oct 21, 2002
I wont go that far as calling it a shift in partnerships, but i do believe the U.S government is seeing it can play both sides with much to gain from Iran, Geo-politically and economically.