Asian Cup 2019 UAE (Brackets/ Team News/ History)


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Oct 12, 2011
Today the draw for the final tournament of AFC ASIAN CUP was made for next years competition which gonna be held in UAE.

Iran are grouped with Iraq, Vietnam and Yemen.
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Jan 26, 2004
I have been meaning to put this together for a while and had some time and patience this morning at work and said why not! Asian cup has been taking place since 1956 and you can see the number of teams and champions listed below. This will be the 17th edition.

Number of Teams Champion

1956 ..... 4 ..... Korea

1960 ..... 4 ..... Korea

1964 ..... 4 ..... Israel

1968 ..... 5 ..... Iran

1972 ..... 5 ..... Iran

1976 ..... 6 ..... Iran

1980 ..... 10 ..... Kuwait

1984 ..... 10 ..... Saudi

1988 ..... 10 ..... Saudi

1992 ..... 8 ..... Japan

1996 ..... 12 ..... Saudi

2000 ..... 12 ..... Japan

2004 ..... 16 ..... Japan

2007 ..... 16 ..... Iraq

2011 ..... 16 ..... Japan

2015 ..... 16 ..... Australia

2019 ..... 24 ..... ???

As you can see Japan is the most decorated team with 4 championships and Iran and Saudi each have 3 to their names.

This seems to be the toughest of all Asian Cups as the number of teams has increased to 24 and the first stage will be among 6 groups of 4 teams. The top 2 teams from each group will qualify making 12 teams and the best four 3rd place teams will make up the rest for a total of 16. It’s the first time that there will be a round of 16 in the Asian Cup.

By looking at the brackets Iran is in a very good position and does seem to have an easy path to the Semi Finals if things go according to plan.

This is the Brackets from the 2019 Asian Cup. Scroll up from the link and you can see all the groups as well.

Iran's group is featured by (Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Yemen). The Iraq game will be a good rematch of what took place 4 years ago. Iran should top her group.

As you can see if Iran tops her group (D) they will face the 3rd place team from either B/E/F

Group B (Australia/Syria/Palestine/Jordan) and most likely it will be either (Jordan/Palestine)

Group E (Saudi/ Qatar/ Lebanon/ N. Korea) and most likely it will be either (Lebanon/ N. Korea)

Group F (Japan/ Uzbekistan/ Oman/ Turkmenistan) and most likely will be (Oman/Turkmenistan)

(Iran vs {Jordan,Palestine,Lebanon, N.Korea, Oman, Turkmenisan) (Round of 16)

In a highly unlikely situation if Iran gets 2nd place in Group (D) they will face the winner of group E (Saudi/Qatar)

In the next stage of the brackets the winner of this round of 16th match up (Iran) will go to the quarters and will face the (Runner up of Group A vs. Runner up of Group C).

Group A (UAE which are hosts/ Thailand/ India/ Bahrain) and most likely Thailand/Bahrain

Group C (S. Korea/ China/ Krygystan/ Philippines) and most likely S. Korea/China

So technically the winner of (Thailand/Bahrain VERSUS S. Korea/China) will face Iran. I am hoping it will not be S. Korea as we have had problems with them in the past even though we have defeated them every time under CQ and tied and never losing since he took over.

Iran vs {Thailand/Bahrain/S.korea/China) Quarter Finals

If this happens these are the possibilities for the Semis.

In the Semifinals these are the possibilities of the teams Iran will play (Australia/ Saudi/ Qatar/Japan/Uzbekistan). I did not want to get into it too much but based on team strengths and stats my thoughts are Iran will face either (Japan or Australia) which I think are the teams that will meet each other in the quarter. Japan having the best odds of coming up and facing Iran in the Semis.

Iran vs {Australia/Saudi/Qatar/Japan/Uzbekistan} Semi Finals

Hopefully this can be the year Iran can finally bring the title home after 43 years. It will be tough with the number of teams and how the brackets are laid out but I do have to say we seem to have an easier path than some of the others going to the semis.
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Jan 26, 2004
I hope so. Japan has been awesome since 1998. They actually had Belgium in the WC and messed up on that one too in the playoffs. What I like about this edition of the Asian Cup is the 24 team format which gives one extra round and similar to the WC. Imagine Iran wins all 7 game and becomes undisputed champions!!!


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Oct 18, 2010
iran has been the #1 team in asia for a very long time.
they should bring home the cup,that is a totally realistic expectation.
anything else is a letdown.


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Oct 12, 2011
Realistically with all injuries and loss of forms I give Iran little chance in this competition, having said that CQ teams are always tough to beat and
I don't think Iran would lose in 90 mins.


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Jan 26, 2004
Feb 4, 2005
Saeid Ezzatollahi is the major concern among our injured players followed by Rezaei but Kaveh wouldn't get any play time when we have Sardar, Karim and Taremi. I hope Omid Ebrahimi is on top of his game as he was in WC 2018 and in Esteghlal last season specially since Ezzat is a big doubt now.


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Mar 27, 2005
Son is doing great at Spurs and he is in top from. scoring goals for them. I think SK has a great chance to win the whole thing along side Japan. We on other hand have very slim chance of winning it. Our players are either injured or out of shape. Our forwards are horrible and don't even play at their club on regular bases. Except for Sarda which he is also out of form. I give us 20% chance of winning it.

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Aug 3, 2004
I think pre-tournament analysis is one thing, once tournament starts is another. Based on our latest performance, we are a favorite but again that's all to be seen how we'll perform. Also, don't forget that even if we do great in the group stage and once in the knock-out stage, we have to be at our best otherwise we can end up with nothing (just like in the past Asian cups)! We have to be ready and vigilant...
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