Asian Cup Playoffs and Iran's losing streak in Penalties and Overtime losses


National Team Player
Jan 26, 2004
Korea has lost to Iran 4/5 games under CQ. The last game was a draw and the 4 before Iran won. From those 5 games (4 were world cup qualifiers) which Iran won 3 of them and 4th was a friendly. Going before that and CQ time we lost to them in the quarter finals of the Asian Cup in 2011. I think Korea will come out and try to beat China as they do not want to face Iran.

Going back to 1996 Asian cup we have played Korea in 5 consecutive cups to 2011. We won twice and lost 3 times. In 1996 we won in the infamous 6-2 route while in 2000 we lost in overtime after Bagheri firing that missile. In 2004 we won off of Karimi brilliance 4-3 and in 2007 we lost to them in PK's and in 2011 in an overtime goal loss. So technically the 3 times the game has gone to OT we lost once in Pk's and twice in OT. We can say Iran is not a good side at all when it comes to overtime and Pks.

From 1996 till now which means 6 cups have been played we have lost every single time in Overtime and Pk's. Twice in OT and 4 times in Pk's. Pretty pathetic!

1996 (Saudi PK loss)
2000 (Korea OT loss)
2004 (China PK loss)
2007 (Korea PK loss)
2011 (Korea OT loss)
2015 (Iraq PK loss)

I hope this time around we can just crush every team and go forward. This kind of reminds me of Italy losing in every world cup from 1990 to 2002 (4 cups in OT or PK’s) and finally winning the WC in a PK shoot out after 4 losses in a row. For Iran its 6 losses so hopefully this time around it will be a charm!

I highly believe under CQ things can be different. We should just try to finish the job in 90 minutes and go from there. In the last cup we had the game until that UNJUST red card was given against Iraq and we played almost 90 minutes with 1 man down. Still managed to come back from behind twice in Overtime and only lost in Pk's in which Haghighi could not save one if his life depended on it (0/8).

This time around with CQ and Beiranvand I have much more confidence but truly hope it does not come to that.