At least 16 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement sources say

Nov 29, 2002
Yes that is what Americans claim......and I tend to agree.
Agha I found your logic and patience in debating the Flat Earth theory with PFDC's webmaster admirable. Even though they are completely different issues, I find it then difficult to understand the comparison in your attitude to rationalisation of guns and saying "brits hold no solutions" when indeed, they did.

One primary school attack in 1996 for them was one attack too many and they banned guns. I don't mind losing a little "liberty" if I know that there hasn't been a single mass shooting of kids since then.
Nov 29, 2002
would love to know more about this !
He's a genuinely interesting and obviously motivated guy. Clearly, setting up and running an iranian football forum for that long is quite an endeavour, and in that time he has gone from producing music videos to becoming an iranian pop star, and last year tried his hand at movies by directing his own film - Uploaded.

But in that time he has also been sucked into the world of conspiracy theories, and believes strongly in all of the main ones (flat earth conspiracy, NASA faking moon landings, climate change being a hoax, chemtrails in the sky controlling us, dinosaurs being only 6000 years old and many more). He disregards empirical evidence and goes on youtube clips made by shills and morons. It's kinda sad because it is indicative of a general anti-intellectualism movement worldwide where science and proper research is no longer considered important.

- Flat Earth debate: Looks like Masoud got banned but he tried hard:
- Gravity is a "pseudo-science" which doesnt exist: ""
- Dinosaurs have been here only 1000s of years:
- Climate change denial:
- Chemtrails are real:
- USA moon landing fake:
- That every gun shooting is fake (a "false flag") to take away guns and rights:
- Supporting Donald Trump and banning many members who disagreed:
- The USA killing their own people:!&highlight=

There are many many more.... I don't know what you guys think about this but I'm finding this "cocktail" of anti-science and anti-evidence opinions is getting more and more prevalent.
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Nov 29, 2002
I'm actually really surprised that Masoud got banned because he was really polite and thorough in his discussions about the flat earth hypothesis. A lot of his last posts have been deleted, however this is one of Kamran's messages to him:

" so I am a narcissist because I don't worship your masonic Gods and what they preach?? who are you? "Nokar e Dast Boos e NASA"?? or the servant of Einstein or Newton?? if you are here to discuss, do it with your own brain instead of bringing me verses of your science bible and if you think you can manipulate me, then don't because you are dealing with someone who has seen 1000's like you here and has a lot of experience. "

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
Since you agree, I ask you this, why dictators have not taken over in Canada, UK, Australia, EU countries etc. ?
Because it hasn't been fertile enough for it. Because all the countries you mentioned have been in a relatively "up" trend for over 200 years with minor blips here and there. All it takes is a major event and an overwhelming feeling of defeat for a nation to knee-jerk itself into mental suicide (Germany 1929 - 1934 and the rest is history)

And if your next question is "So you think Germans being armed would've prevented Hitler from rising to power?"

The short answer is yes.
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