Azmoun done with TM as well?


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Oct 22, 2016
Fan need better football education as well as culture. He was transparent but actively helping the team in defense. Average Ali (joe) sees their role in scoring only. For a young guy who lives abroad he could think that do the fan deserve his energy.. is the TM really worth it?

but we 're generally easy-pleasing bunch.

ايران شايد تنها كشور دنياست كه تيم ملي‌اش در جام‌جهاني سه نتيجه كاملا متفاوت مي‌گيرد و هر سه منجر به شادي خياباني مي‌شود؛ برد در بازي اول، باخت در مسابقه دوم و مساوي در ديدار سوم!

He needs to see a shrink ASAP. I think he did good in all three games and all those insults were stupid and unnecessary but for god's sake you are supposed to be a professional.
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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
We are a javgir nation. From " Azmoun is the Messi of Iran and Azmoun to Liverpool and Azmoun to Arsenal" to "in jakesh bazi balad nist" in one month.
This is exactly what I keep trying to point out on this very forum and look how unpopular I have become.

Passion is not a good thing all the time. It's understandable while the game is in progress (I get all messed up myself), but no other time.

Moderation has no place among the masses in Iran anymore. I sympathize with them a bit because of the shitty hand they've been dealt, but moderation, humility and realism are still way more useful than blind passion during hard times.
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Oct 22, 2016
SI article says mother got sick from the comments.. I don't blame the guy for taking the high road but his own performance doesn't speak volume.
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Feb 15, 2006
If he doesn't like critics. He shouldn't open social media account (like Busquets)
If you do like social media. Take it as a man, well knowing 95 % still love you.

Bit If he cant take the hit as a football player in general, maybe he should listen to Mashtnaghi and open a Jigakari instead.

Migam age jaye Pique bood chikar mikard?
This banner (pic) at Espanyol stadium in Barcelona, at his fucking home town says: Shakira (your wife) belongs to all of us.
Hala be Asbe Sardar goftan Yaboo....



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Mar 27, 2005
baba bache lose nonor mamani to TM lazem nadarim... boro yekam yad begir to fazaye majazi che jori raftar koni.. peran TM eftekhare poshidanesh...


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Oct 22, 2016
ز همه خنده‌دارتر لقب او یعنی «مسی ایرانی» است. مسایل فنی به کنار، اما از مجموعه رنج‌هایی که مسی در لباس تیم ملی کشورش تحمل کرده هزار فیلم سینمایی می‌شود ساخت. مسی همین حالا با 64 گل و اختلاف قابل توجه نسبت به باتیستوتا بهترین گلزن تاریخ تیم ملی آرژانتین است، اما او در همه این سال‌ها متهم بوده که با تمام وجود برای تیم کشورش بازی نکرده. خدا می‌داند که چقدر فحش خورده و چقدر ملامت شده؛ در رستوران مرکز شهر بوینس آیرس به او حمله کرده‌اند و جایی دیگر مجسمه‌اش را شکسته‌اند. بین 2016 و 2017 در یک مقطع یک ساله تمام گل‌های رسمی تیم ملی آرژانتین را مسی زد و هیچ بازیکن دیگری موفق به گلزنی برای آلبی‌سلسته نشد. در مسابقات انتخابی همین جام‌جهانی اگر هت‌تریک روز آخر مسی در زمین اکوادور نبود، آرژانتین اصلا به روسیه نمی‌رسید. لئو ظرف سه سال تیمش را سه بار به فینال جام‌حهانی و کوپا آمریکا برد و هر سه بار بعد از شکست در بازی نهایی، بدترین توهین‌ها را به خود او کردند. همین حالا هم آرژانتین در هر مرحله‌ای اوت شود، فحشش را مسی باید بخورد. او اما هنوز کوتاه نیامده و در لحظات پایانی بازی با نیجریه طوری جلز و ولز می‌کرد که انگار پای مرگ و زندگی‌اش وسط است. از آن طرف هم سردار آزمون را داریم که بعد از چهار تا انتقاد معمولی که خیلی از آنها هم به حق است، بازی «من قهرم» راه می‌اندازد. لیونل مسی ایرانی؟
Feb 18, 2005
I remember what Heshmat Mohajerani said about Hejazi when asked about his side issues and his reaction was :

If we consider him to be a first class goalkeeper we must cherish and look after him in a special way.

This young gem of a player with his sensitive frame of mind needs our support and guidance.
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Feb 28, 2018
These are iran's all time greatest goal scorers but at azmoun's age daei hadn't even joined the national team yet and we used to score a lot more goals than we do now..

As of 19 May 2018, the 10 players with the most goals:
# Name Career Goals Caps Avg/game
1 Ali Daei (list) 1993–2006 109 149 0.73
2 Karim Bagheri 1993–2010 50 87 0.57
3 Javad Nekounam 2000–2015 39 151 0.26
4 Ali Karimi 1998–2012 38 127 0.30
5 Sardar Azmoun 2014– 23 33 0.70

National team‡
Iran U17
Iran U20
Iran U23
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