badAvi ain't THAT bad...

Nov 29, 2002
faghad' ye'zarreh ghAti kardeh jaryAno. Thats all.
He ain't a PAshAzAdeh '98 but he does have a fiery spirit which is quite useful, and although his shots and crosses are sometimes embarrassing, if he could hone his technique he could be useful in building up offensive plays on the left.

Lets wipe the slate clean and see how he does in these qualifying matches. I think its fair to say he is probably gonna start the next few games, so lets see if he can make it. (although I personally prefer zAreh)
Oct 18, 2002
Los Angeles, CA USA
Hes getting better with each game, hes starting to play like Kaabi but on the left. I like him and I think he should start at left fullback... Just dont let him and Rezaei get too close too each other! :)
Nov 29, 2002
Yeah, but even when you look at MinAvand there were times when his crosses were so awful it was like drowning in mAst o khiAr, but suddenly there were games when he learned how to cross, tackle etc.... Eg watch how ehe absolutely OWNED beckham in the sturm-man u game.It must be a psychological thing...


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Oct 19, 2002
exactly as FZ said. he is not too embarassing and he tries hard but his unfinished and wrong passes just pisses me off.
As a left wing, he should almost be w/o error cuz its enough to make one mistake and opponent can go through defence from his side.

hopefully this will be Nikbakht`s last absence.
Nov 29, 2002
Nilou khAnoom,

Nikbakht's last absnce?!? If were talking about making mistakes with bad passes/crosses etc then Nikbakht is the KING, especially with TM!!
I see Nikbakht and badAvi as very similar in the fact that the both mess up crosses and shots more embarrassingly than any other TM player.
The only differene is badAvi is a left back and nikbakht is a wing, so it is actually more embarrassing for nikki.

In any case Nikbakht is not a starter in Brancos eyes, because as we see in a previous post, branco has preffered left sided forward position to a wing position, and Hashemian now fills that role.

And if we are talking about friendlys with domestic players, when Hashemian can't come, I would hope that the left wing is filled by more able right footed players like Khaziravi or Kazemian (unless branco sticks with the left forward position and decides to put Borhani there)
Oct 18, 2002
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The difference between Niki and Badavi is that Niki is both technically and physically more gifted. Badavi for a player from Khuzestan is incredibly limited as far as his technical abilities go.Nikbakht is stronger and more fragile and imposes his physical presence on the opposing team. Borhani despite being short, kind of has the same qualities and even more considering for his speed. I used to hate these kind of players myself but then I realized that what bogs me about these players is exactly where their strength lies. You could see at the end of Bosnia game, the bosnian defenders were clearly exhausted and frustrated with Borhani's tenure.


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Oct 18, 2002
Well, I havent seen Badavi's latest games....but he did sux big time in Asia Cup and last round of WCQ. There are some players who hardly set a foot wrong, Badavi hardly set a foot right. He was just aweful...even Sadavi and Ostad-Asadi played better.


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Feb 1, 2005
he is the best left wing def we have and he is a good pair with rezaei (except for that incident which btw showed that they are interacting on the left well!). i think he will dominate this post for a long time just like rezaei, mirza and kaabi.

saeed agha

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Oct 20, 2002
Bosnia game was the first game in a long time that Badavi was not awful..
he saved us in 2 occasions, but I am still not sure I want him in TM.

By the way, I still do not believe IFF has not done ANYTHING about Badavi-Rezaie incident in Asian cup. The was the most ebmarrasing thing in Iranian history after the loss to Bahrain.. at least a 3-game ban would have been acceptable in my book.


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Oct 19, 2002
Dr.Strangemoosh jan,

Actually Branco has his eyes on Nikbakht and unless he is injured, Branco uses him as left wing for 90min.
and comparing Nikbakht and Badavi in right passes/crosses, there is no way Nikbakht doesnt get a higher mark than Badavi. Nikbakht doesnt send/loses wrong passes to opponent, he sometimes acts stupid with his decision making.not to mention Nikbakht`s few good goals for us.
Badavi not only screws up good passes but is not physically strong as Nikbakht.


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Oct 18, 2002
Saeed agha jan, I agree with you! But I think they were forgiven by the players and the staff and they also asked people to forgive them. So that was the end of it!

Dr.Strangemoosh jan, I agree with Niloufar here...
Nikbakht might act dumb sometimes but he definitly has better passes and shots compared to both Baddavi and the old Minavand!!!