Beirut Explosion 2020


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Mar 27, 2005
The warehouse held highly explosive material, including sodium nitrate, said an official with Lebanon’s army who added that the blast was likely caused by a fire and wasn’t an attack. Sodium nitrate, used to make fertilizer and fireworks, also accelerates the burning of other materials.
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Oct 18, 2010
funny title for this thread :ROFLMAO:
of course trump thinks it's more like a little love from his dogs.
and his military says no we don't spread this kind of love mr. president :p

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said U.S. military generals have told him that they “seem to feel” the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday, killing more than 70 people, was a “terrible attack” likely caused by a bomb.

(CNN)Three US Defense Department officials told CNN that as of Tuesday night there was no indication that the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday were an "attack," contradicting an earlier claim from President Donald Trump.
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