Best Customer Service!

Oct 18, 2002


A man's quest to overcome his fear of rejection by making at least one crazy request a day for 100 days was throttled last week when a Krispy Kreme employee accepted his order for five doughnuts linked together in the colors and shape of the Olympic symbol.

"It's only my third day and I have already failed," Jia Jiang wrote on his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy blog. "But I did so with such amazement and happiness."

When the 31-year-old approached the register to make his "specialized" doughnut order, Jackie Braun, a shift leader at an Austin, Texas, Krispy Kreme, asked him when he would need it.

"In the next 15 minutes," Jiang replied.

"I was honestly just hoping for a 'no' and to go home," Jiang told Yahoo News in an interview on Monday.

Instead, Braun spent several minutes using the back of some receipt paper to diagram the unusual order.

"Let me see what I can do," she said.

Fifteen minutes later, she emerged with a Krispy Kreme box with the glazed Olympic ring arrangement inside—and, astonishingly, did not charge Jiang for it.

"It wasn't exactly what he wanted," Braun told Yahoo News. "To my eyes, it wasn't perfect, so I didn't think I should charge him for it. It was the best I could do in the time allotted."

"Wow, Jackie, I'm a fan," Jiang told her, on behalf of everyone in America.

"I was overwhelmed, I couldn't believe it," Jiang said. "I went home and tweeted to Krispy Kreme and blogged about it. I wanted the world to know about what she did."

A campaign to get Braun a raise and promotion was quickly launched in the YouTube comments section underneath Jiang's video.

"Jackie is awesome," more than one viewer wrote. "The world needs more people like her."

"Yo, if Krispy Kreme doesn't promote her to CEO I'm boycotting!" wrote another. "And I love doughnuts."

Jiang, who launched a Facebook page called "Give Jackie at Krispy Kreme a Raise," said he returned to Krispy Kreme on Sunday to thank Braun for going above and beyond the call of doughnut duty.

Braun, though, said she didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

"It was a simple thing," Braun, who's been with Krispy Kreme for five years, said. "The Olympic symbol was the only unusual part, because they're not on TV right now. But we do orders like that every day. We're here to make people happy."
When I first entered Canada as a new immigrant, this was the type of service that I was getting as a teenager wherever I went. In my first visit to New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, I was even more surprised by the level of pride people had in their jobs and the amazing difference in Customer Service between Iran and North America.

Unfortunately it's becoming harder and harder to find people like Jackie these days.
Feb 4, 2005
Jackie is the kind of person that will be successful in the US even if she lacks a high school diploma. Thats why I love this country.


Ball Boy
Jun 29, 2006
Nice video...
If you want to come across nice people like that in your life and if you think it is such a great experience to meet one...
Try your best to BE one of those people ... At least once a day .... At work or in the house or anywhere and with any one you meet...
That is the true happiness you will feel in your heart !