Brexit negotiations ... disaster looming in the horizon.

Nov 29, 2002
You consider yourself an intellectual and among the "elite", but really, that statement quoted above proves how arrogant, self-centered and dismissive of others you are.

Perhaps you're the "backward" one. Perhaps, labeling others ignorant and insecure is merely a projection? Have you thought about it?
Really? I mean fucking really?

Behrooz_C said:
Remainers are a bunch of angry pseudo-intellectuals.
I'm quite literally echoing what Behrooz just said in the previous post, comments which people who support Remain seem to get all the time. I don't get to fucking respond without you accusing me of tooting my own trumpet for just repeating what he said? I mean wtf?

And it's an argument you see every day from people support Brexit who are always sardonically claiming that what they call "the elite" and "intellectuals"/"pseudo-intellectuals" are anti-british and that Brexit is a "revolt against the arrogant elite" eg:

When it is precisely the ultimate elites like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, Aaron Banks etc..., the brexit leaders who were born with a silver spoon up their arse, that are conning the people with lies and false promises about Brexit "reclaiming sovereignty" etc...

Perhaps you're right, and I'm ignorant and insecure. Damet garm, aghayeh gol, thanks for your judgment and for getting aggressive/slightly personal with me.

Again just like last year, enjoy yourself Soroush. You are a hypocrite. The language you use when people don't agree with your specific political/social point of view is so arrogant and condescending in many of your posts, and yet in this instance when I'm just responding to someone else's comment you are getting up my soorakh koon. Hypocrite.
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Dude don't go all liberal snowflake on me. I know you're better than that. It's a fucking argument, not a "how to get offended" contest.

I don't disagree that anyone who promises roses and butterflies to masses for votes is a cunt. Be it for Brexit or Remain. Anyone who scares the public into votes is also a cunt. Same thing.

Getting past the political criminality of both sides and predictions on the future of economy, clearly the Brexit voters are voting against status quo. What was their alternative? The Remains couldn't even bring themselves to acknowledging that there's something wrong with status quo. Brexit won because it presented change.

Unless you're willing to accept that the majority of people in Britain not being happy with having their borders open to just about anyone and some drunk cunt in Brussels making major decisions for their country is a "good thing", you and I have nothing to talk about.


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Jan 1, 1970
People in Iran also voted for Khatami, Ahmadinejad and Rouhani in order to vote against the status quo. I think the people of Iran deserve a price for being ahead of the democracy curve.
Oct 18, 2002
whether Brexit goes through or not.

in the final analysis it will be a cluster fuck in the near-term.

you do not get to restructure half of your economy in an order of 2 years without severe disruption.
Jan 26, 2006
After RT about Turkey and TRT about China, Cycle completes when Farage goes on CCTV and talks about Russia, lol

Who the fuck is hoodwinked by this charlatan, and this Brexshit garbage? As in, how stupid can people be...?