Champions league 2017-18 | Road to Kiev (R)

Even though this year madrid is much weaker than last year and has basically no bench, I see them easily beating Liverpool in the final. Despite the impressive run of Liverpool this year but their style of football is easier for Madrid to handle than style of Bayern and Juv.
At least this is how it seems on paper. In the final thought everything is possible.

I think differently , Klupp is a great motivator and Liverpool knows they won't be in another final easily sometime soon. in EPL they know where they are going to finish in the table but still need 3 more points to %100 secure the next year CL. Having said that Liverpool defense is not that promising . now on the other hand It also depends on Zizou on how to play his fiddle for the next few weeks. I heard somewhere, the club are aiming to finish second so they can play the Spanish Super cup with Barca and we have the el clasico in few days. If he can take everyone healthy and fresh to Kiev then I would say is a 55% to 45% for us to win the cup.


National Team Player
Oct 12, 2011
Real Madrid would be tailor-made for us
like Man City but we have to make it to the final first.
Won’t be easy against Roma tonight they have already beaten Barca and Chelsea 3-0
at home In this years CL. Fingers crossed. YNWA


Bench Warmer
May 30, 2005
Wow, I cant understand all the hate towards Roma. Sure they did some mistakes, and have done before, but in the end they never came to CL to park the bus and has been playing some good football all the way. I definitely think that Roma did pretty well against Liverpool, they certainly had nowhere near the sort of disaster performance some people make out of it. In the end Liverpool was the better team and deservedly went through, but its not a shocker result really. Dont forget what Liverpool did to City before!! Its not leicester city we are talking about.

Roma should be extremely proud of their performance overall and what they have achieved this year.