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Oct 22, 2016
WEll they put money where their intentions are.. didn't realize they have presence in US, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. UAE based and Qatari entities seem to have a good control of international clubs and huge media network (beIN)

the owners remain steadfast in adding more and more names and investments to their portfolio, making it clear that dough isn’t what they are after. Quite obviously, it is much more about making a name than money. Analysts point to the term ‘soft power’- influence attained by means of diplomacy, international assistance and cultural exchanges etc. It may be the main reason for the Arab spending spree throughout the World of Football; trying to make through Football what can’t be made from politics.;


All this while we're trying to export bull crap.
Nov 29, 2002
I think Roy handled him mildly

What the hell was with his questioning and taking the piss at the beginning, fuckwit reporter would have been nutted if he had asked questions with that tone to Ferguson or other coaches.
Wigan today became the first team since Roy Hodgson's Crystal Palace to stop Man City from scoring a goal this season.

Good stuff.
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Oct 12, 2011
We’ve been on fire lately. 5-0 against Porto
and 4-1 win against West Ham yesterday.
Second in the league above Anchoster United and Chelski.


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Oct 22, 2016
So Chelsea lost it to the refs; even in the horse races they don't let human eye to determine the result; this football thing is so outdated.

I recall last year mourinho also got lucky against Southhampton in a cup final.

Pedro should have done better coming to aid defense when Lukaku was trying to cross; weak link today.

* update; mourinho says ''somehow Chelsea became the champ last season' isn't that somehow showing his incompetence to do something about it?
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Feb 4, 2005
City is raping Arsenal in London, this time an EPL game. 3-0 after 38 minutes. Wenger should resign right away. This is ridiculous.

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
City is raping Arsenal in London, this time an EPL game. 3-0 after 38 minutes. Wenger should resign right away. This is ridiculous.
That 3rd goal was a total "Fuck You" goal too! After the 2nd goal Arsenal started to press hard as if they stood a chance, and City quickly upped their own intensity to score an immediate 3rd goal! Pep Guardiola was shown on camera shaking his head in disappointment wanting his team to continue the rape session! He wants City to dominate EPL like Barca did La Liga.

Arsenal will concede more if they don't stop trying!
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