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Nov 29, 2002
Roy Hodgson keeps ISP's resident experts eating their words with a beautiful 5-0 demolition of Leicester through his over-achieving CP team:

I hope he stays because his grass-roots changes at the club are amazing
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Oct 22, 2016
yup saw the grass roots 2nd half vs Man Utd few weeks ago, think this game had a lot to do with LC back up goalie and albrighton carded out.. they conceded 3 goals last 10 min. LC also lost to them back in December/Jan when they were having Mahrez issue. Something is up at LC with back to back losses, CP has worthy players no doubt.

back to you point older Hodgson is better than old hodgson. ;))

re: Mo Salah vid few posts earlier, kids these days are so jaded, I'd expect a few break down and cry but none of that anymore.
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