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Apr 27, 2006
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Good luck to you away to Tottenham. Hope Solskjaer do really well in upcoming matches and gets a 5 year contract that would make me the happiest man on the planet ...:) Wheels will come off soon after, the best way to describe what would happen is ''Pear Shaped''
Trust me Uncle Naser lol
Uncle Nasser doesn't live in UK and most probably not familiar with the UK expression of Pear Shaped. He lives in North America and most probably understands Pear Shaped to be the yummy one below. LOOL.

Apr 27, 2006
Hooshi and takbetak, in uncle Nasser ro didid salam man ro ham behesh beresoonid
حتما این کار را می کنم
شما هم اگر فیل نمایشنامه ی شهر قصه ی بیژن مفید را دیدید سلام من را برسانید
اسم اون فیل فلک زده را هم عوض کردند.البته پس از بریدن خرطومش و کشیدن عاجش

عمو نادر ( ببخشید ناصر) شانس آورد که خرطوم وعاج نداشت

بله جانم

از ژنرال بحرالعلوم چه خبر ؟
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Oct 22, 2016
This WW team has like 8 portugese players and so is the coach , what is the catch? They match benfica in portugese players.

THey play city next, could be a great game along w/ MU/Arsenal thig game.

Was looking up Nuno's record, should they tally the number of goals a keeper receives throughout the season/career?
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Feb 18, 2005
What a delightful and witty lad he is! I really enjoy people like him.
He is indeed, he used to be a cute little boy sitting with his famous dad on the bench then went on to become a good footballer in his own right.

Couldn't stop thinking about his dad when he talked about pep asking him to join him for a glass of wine 🍷... If his dad was around they could finish a whole case of wine before the night ended! 😍
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