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Mar 27, 2005
So basically Man United proved the result against Chelsea was ... (fill in the blank, "by chance", "accidental", "fluke")
none of that.

Against Wolves, Pogbal should have not taken the PK, Rashford was the #1 PK taker on the team. No sure why he gave it to Pogba. So we should have won that game.

Against CP: The shit from Wolves game carry over to this game, that fucked the team up. They played crap in first half. Second half was much better. Penalty miss by Rashford cost us the game. That is again because of shit that happened on Wolves game.

This Untied team is very young and we don't have any one to help Pogba in midfield. Lingard been shit for the past year. I have no idea how he still playing at United.

Its going to be an up and down season. One game they going to play very good and next game they going to fucking suck. That's how it is usually with young teams. I think we should be able to make top 4. Beside Shitty and Shitpool, no other team can play consistent week in and week out. So its all to play for between Spurs, Untied, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Hopefully fucking Ed would wake up and sign up a decent midfielder in Jan window. (Erikson would been amazing!!)


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Feb 14, 2019
They won 2-1. Based on highlights he wasn't bad I guess. He semi-assisted the first goal (his shot got deflected and eventually converted).

But he has no place in this team. It's a shitty hopeless club. No idea what he and his agent were thinking.
Yes the team is shitty, hopeless, whatever you call it and this guy is not even able to make sure he starts even for this shitty and hopeless team. I thing his manager whoever he is, got the most out of it for him. He is not even good enough for this shitty team.
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