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Apr 27, 2006
LoL at Leeds

You do realise Liverpool are +20 points ahead and only need two more wins and you go on about a championship club???
I mentioned Leeds' plight alongside Liverpool's plight to Behrooz because those 2 clubs are historically bitter rivals of Man United , and Man United fans enjoy the banter with those 2 clubs' fans the most. Liverpool not winning the PL and Leeds missing out on promotion to PL would be the ultimate joy for Mancs.
Its not, they said they will continue and go into summer. Same with La Liga, now that Euro is moved to next year, no reason why they should cancel anything.
No holiday for players which means by December they will be complaining of tiredness, fatigue and want a months break etc. I assume the new season will start in August as normal, so no beak.

On the other hand, a summer of football for the rest of us :)


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Oct 12, 2011
There is now serious word going around that many clubs are agreeing to cancel the entire season and start again in August. There is simply not going to be time to complete this season and start a new one.
lol @ word going around
lol @ clubs are agreeing to cancel the entire season <<< yeah sure
Dream on :D

Two more wins behind closed doors and Liverpool are champs.
Imagine being Leeds and on the verge of premier league football and £150 million.
Don't get me wrong, the hell with Leeds and Liverpool, but the outrage will go far beyond the top leagues in Europe. Some like Norwich will be happy of course.

But in all seriousness, I think what is fair is fair. Both Liverpool and Leeds have been great this year and it would be terribly unfair if they lost out.

I must be drunk. Actually I am :D
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Feb 4, 2005
There is no way they're going to discard the results of this season and start over. Can't happen.

They should just delay everything as long as it's needed and just resume from where they left off. That way no one can complain.
The rest of the games should be played behind closed door and by Penalty Kicks, so that everyone is safely apart from others. 5 PK each team, winner 3, loser 0, and draw 1 points.