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Feb 4, 2005
Is Jahanbakhsh not a Brighton player anymore? He didn't even make the subs list (with 5 subs allowed). They beat Arsenal 2-1! Arsenal are the current joke in PL.
It’s really bad not to make the list with 5 subs. At the same time it is my favourite job. Lots of practice, staying healthy and in good shape, not contributing and collecting shitload of cash
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The people behind this are heroes. Well done.
Burnley FC released a statement saying they are ashamed of this and the fans who did this will be banned.
Sad times we live in. I hope Burnley fans boycott the club until they hear that their lives aren't worthless because they are white.



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Mar 27, 2005
Congrats on winning the biggest asterisk in EPL history. now Liverpool can fuck off...

after 30 years of misery you deserve it. loool.