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Jan 26, 2006
Fair play to Moshiri - he's made Everton a big club again.

Ancelotti has done very well and for the first time in memory their woeful (overall) signing policy, from bakayoko onwards, is no longer happening and they are getting so many tidy players.

I kinda wish he cared more about Iranian footballers and at least took some 16 or 17 years olds for their academy or got a bid for Azmoun going, but I guess that's life.....
Feb 4, 2005
Manchester Evening daily reported that a large group of EPL fans except Liverpool’s prepared a petition to keep Klopp, Salah, Becker and Mane in Liverpool until at least 2030. They are even willing to pay their salaries out of their own pockets. In less than a few hours almost 3,000,000 signatures were collected.