English Premier League* predictions **Insert here...**

* When I say English Premier League, I actually mean 90% English and 10% Welsh. HA!

Anyway, Saturday marks the new season and I'm pretty excited, not sure about you guys.

This is a thread dedicated to your predictions for the forthcoming season - it will be an intriguing nine months, that's for sure!

Champion: Chelsea
Champions League: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham (CL Qualifier)

Fifth Place: Manchester City
Sixth Place (final Europa League position): Liverpool

Relegation: Southampton, Norwich City, West Bromwich Albion

Capital One Cup: Stoke City (Claim third Europa League spot)

FA Cup: Arsenal (beat Manchester City)

Champions League: Chelsea

Insert your predictions as you want - my format is just an example :)

My weekly predictions is made in my *new* site which is part of my The JSPrice Perception family!

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