Even AhmadiNejad scores on Mirzakoor


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Mar 8, 2005
hilarious vid, but come on man, things like this puts mirzapour down. i really dont understand why you guys dont even want him in TM!! he is our best GK. no GK is perfect and i think talebloo's weaknesses will also be found one day. if you werent joking about your title, then i dont know what to say, maybe ahmadinejad should also be invited to the squad :)
Aug 6, 2005
Mass, USA
haha. man, this is so funny video.

maybe they told mirza, if u save the shoot then you will be out of TM.
but comeon, that is a good shot by the president. He knows how to score
goals. I would have him to play instead of Daie.
Mar 24, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
sorry to disappoint you man, but he is got some good shots!!!!:cool:

I liked his first shot....i was surprised to see that....it was so professional!!!

even his second shot was good :O damn....
Aug 6, 2005
Mass, USA
haha. Actually he is smart, one time he went to the right and
next time to the left. someone said he was very good in
college years. Too bad he got involved in politics and not soccer :)
maybe we would be in final 4 ... HAHA
Oct 18, 2002
People were asking who we should pair with Daei up front? Now the problem is solved. :D

But seriously, if Mirza can't get those shots, then we are in big trouble!
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Oct 12, 2004
On the first shot Mirza didn't move; he let it go in. On the second one he really tried to save it, but it was too far out of his reach. All kidding aside, it goes to show you don't have to hit it hard to have a penalty go in. You just got to place it right. These shots were definitely way slower than a pro's shot....