Favourite music band/group/song


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Oct 18, 2010
she has a good voice but that song is not meant
to be done with very lame solo guitar accompaniment.
it needs the full orchestral arrangement as in the
original and the big G does a much better job anyway.



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Oct 18, 2002
^^Googoosh is my all time favorite pop singer (after Vigen). but you cannot post an original released version of the song and compare it with the live singing of the Azeri singer. Cinare Melikzadeh has got an amazing voice as proved in the above video.

Ps. BTW, my favorite version of this song is the "Dar emtedade shab" version:



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Oct 18, 2002
Talking about the above song and "dar emtedade shab" movie. Apparently people from the old Soviet countries around Iran were watching it and have nostalgic memories of it.

There is also a fight between Azeris and Armenians about what ethnicity Googoosh belongs to. lol

I post the google translation of some of the comments from under the video:

Back in the 80s, during my youth, I saw this film for the first time ... And then it struck me that in Iran such an amazing movie about love could be made ... And the soundtrack to the film simply fascinated me ... These sad, filled oriental flavor and inescapable melancholy melody and song performed by the incomparable, hairy (lol) Googoosh ... They sunk into the soul forever ...

Almost the whole class fled to the movies. The girls were crying, the boys were quiet and did not scoff as usual. I often listen to this particular song, although everyone is good.

Assalam Aleikum brothers and sisters. Back in 1970, I listened to Googoosh at night, why at night it was forbidden to listen to foreign radio stations. Thank you Googoosh listening to her all my life I pass before my eyes and I want to live. Perfectly

A very touching film. It is dear to me; a film of my youth, where they knew real feelings, love is the holy of holies. I wore a hair like Googoosh. She played the role of Parvane perfectly. The soul needs pleasure in her music.

Watching the film and the clip, nostalgia went to the distant 80s. The years of our youth. When people were kind and pure soul. Yes Googoosh it is not repeatable.

In the distant 80s, I watched this film either 10 times or 9, I don’t remember exactly! And if this film was shown in the cinema, I did not miss the opportunity to watch it! I really liked him, and I really wanted to be like Googoosh!

Here, in Tashkent, in the early 80s, this film was often shown in cinemas. My older sister was very fond of this picture and the singer. We had a cassette with Googoosh songs. As my sister herself said, she watched this film 20 or 30 times. She died in an accident in 2012. To me personally, this film and Googoosh itself remind me of my sister. After all, she loved this film so much ...

It's funny how ..)) I also watched this film 9 times!) And I also really, really liked the boy who played the main character ..)) Well, the songs, of course .. As someone already wrote earlier, filled with oriental flavor and inescapable melancholy ..)

A sad love story, a wonderful performance of a role that forever leaves a mark on the soul of all eastern people in the Soviet years ... Googoosh is unique in its genre and beauty of the voice of appearance and soul! 👸 I adore and love Googoosh since childhood and dream very much someday to meet her .. deep bow to the Great singer who admires the world from Tajikistan! 💖💖💖

A unique voice of rare beauty❤️❤️❤️And even when she does not sing, Googoosh's voice is extremely pleasant.
Successful movie❤️
I love Sayed Kangarani❤️❤️❤️

I listen to this song almost all the time. Good song. I remember my youth

Googoosh how I adore her, for another 70 years I secretly listened to on the radio because it was forbidden to listen to foreign waves her voice takes her soul, choh sag ol Gugush khanum

Again and again I listen to this song. A wonderful performance, an unforgettable voice. Thank you very much, let everything be calm in your life ... Your fan who has been listening for many years.

True, I went to the cinema 5 times, and then I sent my brother with a mognitaphone in spring so that I could write all the songs, and since my life has developed like a movie, I am very sad to remember ,,,,,,,

When she appeared on the screens, no one was at enmity. Beautiful! I remember my cloudless childhood

This is what I call cultural influence!!! Not the way IRI is spending money and statues in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.