Favourite music band/group/song

Nov 10, 2002
This is genuinely awful in a kind of egalitarian way - like she is shitting on both Waters and Gilmour, equally aggressively. So that both their ears bleed.

So fucking bad. What the fuck happened to art which just didn't deserve this

How, and why, has this happened?
I don't agree with you at all :D.
This is perfect piano composition of the song itself.
Comfortably numb is a song that is played with 10 instruments together and if you want to play it with only a piano (which is not meant to be originally),
you could either play the melody note by note with a simple chord which will make the song extremely boring or add flare to it and she has done amazing job.
She has even tried to play her own addition to the solo music.
In fact, the solo part of this song is 100% different when Roger Waters played it with his team compared to the original song in the wall and later David Gilmour also added few more mintutes of solo guitar to it.
Now you don't like it ? fair enough, like anything artistic it is matter of individual taste but that doesn't take away her talent in my honest opinion.
I also believe that, there is immense amount of talent in this world nowadays, just the mainstream music is BS.
Jan 26, 2006
I like piano covers of songs.

All she is doing is smashing the keys like crazy and wiping out the meaning and the atmosphere of a classic.

She's got nice legs though. Seems like a lot of the commenters are keen on her pins and that's fair enough. It's a talent too.

What is it with this obsession with the word "mainstream"...? Mainstream media, mainstream music.... I don't listen to "mainstream music" or watch "mainstream media" but I don't ram that fact down everyone's throats.