FIFA World Cup Group B: | IRAN vs SPAIN |Information, Updates & Live Reports| june 20th


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Oct 18, 2002
Karma, ay?

Winning against Morocco like that, losing against Spain like this.

What an unlucky game!!!!
Feb 18, 2005
I don't get playing Sardar for 90 min. Fcuking don't get it. And why he took Dejagah to WC if he is not fit????????
We wanted to use their hight advantage and Arial play ,both him and Taremi are good in the air ,well I mean Taremi should have timed his jump better and hit the target on that magnificent cross from Amiri .

I think against Portugal we will see fresh legs ,Gucci and Ghodoos will be in from start and we will start the game pressing them in their half and take the game to them ,we need to score an early goal and put pressure on them ,if Ashkan is fit then he should lead the offence .

I think both Hajsafi and Ebrahimi need a rest and so is Sardar who should give his place to Gucci , Milad was solid in left back and won everything .

It was a unlucky loss for us but as expected we are proud of them all .they did what they could and were so close .
The more the game went on the more likely we were to score .
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Oct 18, 2002
Great game. Our issue is we are not beleving in ourselves. This team has a balanced offense. Why not creating chances earlier?
That's the question a Swedish program host asked the analyzers after the game and the latter said if Iran would go on attack in this way early, they'd be run over by Spain. In the last 30 minutes, Iran did this against a relatively calm Spain who were just trying to keep their lead and let the time go.
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Feb 5, 2014
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Dameshoon garm good job team e melli we were unfortunate today . Just imagine if we would have had a couple of good friendly's like Saudi playing Germany and Italy we would be on top of the group. The good thing that will come out of this is guys like Birnavand will get called up to Europe and others as well.

I thought it was the right call on the offsides, that was unfortunate but I loved that we fought against Spain. I have a feeling we are going to get at lease a tie vs Portugal on to the next game, they did not impress me vs Morocco. If any team was unluckier than Iran it was poor Morocco. Well done lads so nice to see so many old friends, cheers hamvatans.


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Nov 2, 2002
Great game by TM
We were not controlled by Spain, if luck was in our side we could have tied
At any rate, it was Spain, Thee are not many teams in the world who can put out a fair display against them

Portugal game could be a little easier but we hav to play to win and we always do our worst when it is the last game of the group


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Oct 21, 2002
What was the meaning of replacing Amiri with Saman? Amiri was doing fine. Azmoun should have been sent out. CQ is fucking things up this world cup. Then if the goal was cancelled due to Video check what about all the time Costa was beatting us.
I think he was exhausted
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