Food thread .... !!! Any good cook around ?


Ball Boy
Oct 22, 2016
This is an idea where I have issue with, how come eating calf, lamb pig is justified but ghorbaghe is not ? ghorbaghe eating has less carbon foot-print.
Idea is our moms fed us certain foods and we are fixated with the taste...

best fesenjoon to the next person may look like someone took a dump on a pile of rice..haha... (talking of fes. I recently learned a trick is using kadoo halvaee with it)

I share some links that I recently looked up;

ma behtrin food o tu donya darim , bazi ha malakh ,ghorbaghe , lzards ,cat mikhordand .
anyone here uses InstantPot ? I just ordered mine ! been watching YouTube vidoes, people make some Crazy stuff with it ! from Ribs to CheeseCake !
anyone tried any Persian food?
My brother in law got one and using it for Persian stews and abgoosht and it seems to be ok. As someone who cooks regularly and almost everything, I would not get one as my slow cooker and pressure cooker are still good friends with me
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