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Feb 5, 2014
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Finally jan i posted a pic but here bro huve Stoychkov and for some reason Ronaldo fan, nobody's perfect, at least Blue Eyes will be happy that he is on the list for LW sorry I can't make it better you can so see the Slaviansky features on us
but Ballack 50/50
We like him but he never did anything special with Germany however, he did not have the best teams and we were going through that 90 trasition to the 06.
Klinsman and all the others yes what about maybe Bierhoff? EYEBALL TEST- Do I look more like Rocky Balboa's kid or Ivan Drago's kid? Lol now you know why my friends call me Drago. BTW I would add KLINSMANN on the list because like Lahm he WON a World CUP
Michael Ballack- Sorry he never did anything memorable for Germany like Lahm or Khonsmann.
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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
So Sly broski out of all of that list that you provided, remember 1- I am not being a biased Bayern fan here when I say yes to Lahm and Klinsmann
and no to the others.
MY barometer is did you win a World Cup, some Champion's Leagues, a Euro. Klinsmann did all of that and Lham was a staplie in
Germany and Bayern's starting xi, for a long time.
Guys like Owen and Ballack well they are in the "GOOD" but not good enough catetory and btw I even had a Michael Owen jersey as a kid.
I thought he was going to be England's hope. Well he had a nice career but he was no David Beckham.
Klinsmann was the highway robbery out of EVERYONE on the list you provided he was more accomplished than any of the names.
Klinsmann was the big SNUB, he accomplished greatness at every level, club level with Bayern Munich, one of the bets clbus
and at the National Team Level. Again we are not basing this on his coaching player, just playing so he should be in on his stats and trophies, alone.
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Oct 18, 2002
Here is my team from this list (obviously I can't select very old players whom I have not seen in action):


-----Cafu----------------------------------Beckenbauer ---------------------Maldini (Roberto Carlos)---





But if I could choose everyone and everything myself, here is my team:


-----Cafu--------------------------Maldini------------------Nesta------------------Roberto Carlos----------------