Oct 16, 2008
When I attended college here in USA in mid 1970's, one of the aspects of university life that quickly stood out was the fraternities. Just like me, most Iranians at our school quickly rejected the whole concept. as soon as we found out about the fraternity initiation process. It was not until years later when I got to know some of the serious flaws of our social lives (i.e. individuality and lack of unity) realized the importance of such organizations. Those who are familiar with some of the initiation process to enter fraternities, know well obedience and brotherhood is key. Even the word "Socialization" has been defined wrong in our culture. We see socializing as clubbing, attending parties, concerts and ceremonies!! Do not take me wrong, I believe we have a superior culture (not race), what I am addressing here is one of our few flaws. After all, despite the mullahs best efforts, ruthlessness, impassion, and inhumanity has still no place in our culture - mostly!
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You forget that there is a lot of in-fighting and bullying inside American fraternities. They are notorious for it. There is also the problem of gender, race and culture.
The whole concept is unnecessary and a stupid one.
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Oct 22, 2016
As always focus on the 3% a n d miss the big picture. The bonding translates into jobs and referrals into the future for the frats. Even at the international level this is true. Dozen of international world leaders were students of one or two professors; granted that's a set up and no hazing took place but coexistence and familiarity creates future opportunity. In our culture back stabbing and throat cutting seem to be the replacement norm.


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
A&K is right. We Iranians tend to miss the big picture. I was able
to get referrals to my internship with Clark County School district at Nevada, through my contacts at Unlv. Do you think I got that internship because of my stellar grades? Well that is part of it but the other part was when was at Cal Poly Pomona I was not just a dork focusing on engineering. German and Russian culture is different than Persian in the fact that they understand it is also who you know. Furthermore not all fraternities haze. One fraterntity Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Cal Poly Pomona. They only got banned for 5 years and the poor kid died from hazing. However at my fraternity, Pie Kappa Alpha, we dd not believe in Hazing. NOw they made you learn about the history of the fraternity and you had to do some silly songs to sorrorty girls but nothing like drink until you de.
These dooshbags have a fb page am SO GLAD i decided not to join after I heard some horror stories. Go to the GOOD ONES that believe in BROHTERHOOD, that is what fraternities should be about, along with socializing and networking.