Girl dies after setting herself on fire in protest (football related)

The girl who set herself on fire in front of a Tehran court in protest has died. She originally got arrested for attempting to enter Azadi stadium as a male. Subsequently she was released on bail and set to appear in court a couple of weeks ago. Her court hearing was postponed as the judge was "on vacation". She set herself on fire in front of the court building on that day.

She died in hospital today.

Nov 10, 2002
Because when you are a teenager, you are not the rational person that you are at let's say 40. plus, we don't know the whole story, maybe she suffered from all kinds of depression and this just triggered it.
In any event, not every kid has the opportunity to get a passport and leave the country. For young generation, life is miserable with no future. Problem in the society shows itself in different ways. When I talk to people in Iran, generally, they are very anxious and feel hopeless. I am taking about ordinary educated kids who have a master who have a normal life elsewhere.


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Oct 18, 2002
Because when you are a teenager, you are not the rational person that you are at let's say 40.
Teenager? She was 29 years old!

According to different media, her family has said she had psychological problems and done suicidal attempts before.

Poor soul though. R.I.P.
I think the issue is why would a court hand down a 6 month jail sentence for something that isn't even a crime.

Actually that's not the issue because it's not even surprising.

Waste of a life because nothing changes in that country. Most people just don't care about these issues.


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Feb 14, 2019
This is not football related. Nothing in that shithole is free of the most primitive kind of politics. I want their teams to get thrashed, specically against teams from neighboring arab countries which are constantly under these heyvaanaats medial pressure. In the same Saudi Arabia that these heyvaanaat have gradually made to our enemy over the last 2 decades, there is at least a law (not matter what kind of it) and they stick to it. These heyvaanaat call themselves islamic republic but in that shithole ruled by opportunists and thieves, you are not protected by ANY kind of book, not even by their own quran. In Saudi Arabia you can be whatever you want, if you can open up quran in a court and show the judge that according to that book, he didnt commit a crime, he is free on the spot. IR Iran is the most dangerous country in the world because you are not protected by ANYTHING, not even by their own holy book. If you get yourself into a quarell with someone and that guy incidently knows a judge, a sepahi, a basiji, are fucked. You could be right all you want and there wont be any law, any right, any quran, any religion, anything that could help you out. IR Iran is the most dangerous country in the world. IR as a system and millions of Iranians are also most conscience free and even god free people in the world. La mazhab ke migan, inaan, mofsede fel arz ke migan, inaan, kaafar ke migan, inaan, monaafegh ke migan, inaan, na oonaaii ke inaa mikoshaneshoon va in barchasbaa ro rooshoon mizanan.


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Feb 14, 2019
My opinion: Not the brightest thing to do. Why set yourself on fire and waste your precious life? No one in that fucked up country gives a shit. They care more about Ashoora, Hossein and Gheyme-Nazri than your life. Why expect sympathy or action from them?

There's no hope for that country. None.
This is not the first time people set themselves in fire in protest. Its not a bright thing to do under normal circumstances but in prison like that where people feel the life time khafeghoon, such a behaviour just shows how worthless living in that country is. The definition of life and "omr" in a prison or in circumstances of khafeghoon, is something completely different. To many people that omr and life we value so much in the west , is actually felt as something bothersome. There are young people wishing they never existed. Many people in Iran say "in ke zendegi nist, tamoom she bere". Thats such a sad country. People in that shithole are living a life not worth living and more and more people are realizing it.