Global football & stuff !!!


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
That is misleading because teams like Germany play much tougher in a tournament, than in some stupid practice friendly game. Hell even Slovakia beat Germany as we 3-1 in a friendly, how did that one turn out for them when the two teams met in a tourney?

Oh and I got to give some ups to Ronaldo for breaking Michelle Platini's record, I am not a fan of the guy but Maradona is right. Ronaldo can carry a team to the finals on his back. I don't think Portugal will beat Germany(assuming Germany beats France) but they should get credit for getting here and Ronaldo was a big reason. BTW I guess now that Karim Benzema has some free time on his hands, he can go wherever the hell he wants. The only thing is out of all of the places in the world to travel he picks Haj BRILLIANT DUDE. I would have picked, I don't know some place exotic like say Fiji or Tahiti.