Greco Roman


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Feb 14, 2019
I love GR style of wrestling. Its tougher to become a GR wrestler than a FS wrestler as you are limited to upper body technics and they require a lot more power and refined technics to execute them. In GR you see less technics being executed per match but WHEN they do it, its almost always spectacular. Its not like FS where you can literally rabbit punch your opponent but zir giri mir giri o khaak kardan o hol daadan vaase yeki dotaa emtiaaz. In GR those throws get you 4, 5 points and even end the match eventually. Iranian wrestling is on the fall in both styles but in GR there are two shirazi brothers (Garaei brothers) who are known for being spectacular throwers. Their problem however is not making points or execute throws, their problem is that their style is very open so as good as they are in making spectacular throws, they cant avoid getting thrown either yani hamoonjoor ke khoob fan ejraa mikonan, nemitoonan jelooye ejraaye fane harif ro begiran. Here a few nice GR throws.