H.M SON , the best Asian player ever ?

Oct 18, 2002
Hah... weird coincident.
I just saw him today (video highlights on yt) when we tied 1 to 1 with Korea (this north n south. East n west are all Bulls**t. I don't even recognize Pakistan n still call it India ).
He's pretty good. But if we had Korean gov. and society we'd have the best players too.
Players like KarimI who was unfortunately Wasted from 98 tI'll today.
Anyway Son and Koreans ought to be impressed by this thread.
It's nice to put selfish patriotic or one-sided fervour aside and talk logically.
I know 1 thing
As long as we have these traitors in charge of things we will never achieve greatness
They have Orders to put us all down and all we've seen up until now was because of making a little money....
You take these few words all the way to the end:
تو خود حدیث مفصل بخوان از این مجمل