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Mar 26, 2006
Here is another example how media reports in america
Kneeling man in Bay Area killed by police who say they mistook hammer for gun

This article is NOT telling the full story.

"Police officers arrived at a Walgreens on the 1000 Block of Redwood St. which was being looted at the time and two vehicles, a silver pickup truck and a black sedan drove away from the scene with officers chasing them. The sedan rammed a police car as it fled and injured an officer, simultaneously, other officers came upon Monterrosa, who appeared to be trying to get into the sedan and looked to be carrying a weapon.
“This individual appeared to be running toward the black sedan but suddenly stopped, taking a kneeling position and placing his hands above his waist, revealing what appeared to be the butt of a handgun,” said Williams. “Investigations later revealed that the weapon was a long, 15-inch hammer tucked into the pocket of his sweatshirt. Due to this perceived threat, one officer fired his weapon five times from within the police vehicle through the windshield, striking the suspect once, fatally wounding the suspect.”

This was not the shooting of a protestor, this was a looter, with a weapon
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Mar 26, 2006
Here is another one
Investigation Launched After Sarasota Police Officer Kneels on Man's Neck During Arrest

Just tell me how else are they suppose to arrest this motherfucker while there are other people surrounding and harassing cops
you cannot simply ask politely that someone cooperate when they are physically fighting you to prolong or evade arrest

Police said they responded to a call of battery on May 18 after an argument broke out between Carroll and another person. The victim accused Carroll of “grabbing” her by the hair and face, “swinging at her,” and said Carroll “threw her on the ground,” according to the police report.

Officers said they determined probable cause for Carroll’s arrest after seeing “visible bruising and swelling” on the victim. Carroll, a convicted felon, was charged with possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, domestic battery, and resisting law enforcement officers. Credit: Sarasota Police