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Oct 18, 2010
long overdue but the terrorist assassination last friday gave them
a good excuse to expedite this bill.

'the one-way street s closed' (y)

Iran to End Inspections If U.S. Doesn’t Lift Sanctions Soon

Iran’s hardline parliament voted to end international inspections of its atomic sites as early as next month if the U.S. doesn’t lift key sanctions, further encumbering the incoming Biden administration’s efforts to salvage the beleaguered nuclear deal.

Legislators gave Washington a month from the law’s ratification to comply with their demands to remove penalties for dealing with Iran’s oil and banking industries. They toughened the original terms of the bill, which had called for a three-month window, after the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist last week.

“This puts an end to this one-way street,” the speaker of Iran’s parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, told the chamber on Tuesday to chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” which Iran blames for the killing.


looks like the parliament is on the right track.
the zombies start to foam at the mouth again :ROFLMAO:

European powers rebuke Iran after uranium enrichment announcement

PARIS (Reuters) - France, Germany and Britain said on Monday they were alarmed by an Iranian announcement that it intended to install additional, advanced uranium-enriching centrifuges and by legislation that could expand its nuclear programme.

“If Iran is serious about preserving a space for diplomacy, it must not implement these steps,” the three powers, who along with China and Russia are party to a 2015 nuclear containment deal with Tehran, known as the JCPoA, said in a joint statement.

A confidential International Atomic Energy Agency report obtained by Reuters said Iran plans to install three more cascades, or clusters, of advanced IR-2m centrifuges in its enrichment plant at Natanz, which was built underground apparently to withstand any aerial bombardment.

European powers rebuke Iran after uranium enrichment announcement | Reuters


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Oct 18, 2010
this calls for a shot of stoli (y)

Russia Calls Israel 'the Problem' in the Middle East, Defends Iran and Its Allies

"The problem in the region is not Iranian activities," Russian ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov told the Jerusalem Post in comments later shared by Moscow's embassy in Tel Aviv. "It's a lack of understanding between countries and noncompliance with U.N. resolutions in the Israel-Arab and Israel-Palestinian conflict."

Israelis have steadily annexed and settled across territories deemed Palestinian by the United Nations. Violence between the two sides has stymied peace efforts for decades, though frictions between Israel and Iran, along with fellow pro-Palestinian partners such as Lebanese Shiite Muslim movement Hezbollah, have taken precedence.

But Viktorov dismissed Israeli concerns of Hezbollah plots such as infiltrations and rocket attacks, pointing instead to regular Israeli operations against the group and other suspected Iranian assets in countries like neighboring Syria.

"Israel is attacking Hezbollah, Hezbollah is not attacking Israel," Viktorov said, arguing there is "no proof Hezbollah created the tunnels" Israel has uncovered along its contested northern border with Lebanon.

Russia Calls Israel 'the Problem' in the Middle East, Defends Iran and Its Allies (msn.com)


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Oct 18, 2010
i would like to ask the u.s., and the eu3 clowns the same question.
iran is trailblazing in the new world order, the aforementioned
are trying to cling to the old crippled one ;)


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Sep 23, 2004
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Another execution, another shameful day
Iranian journalist Ruhollah Zam, whose reporting helped spur large anti-government protests, was executed by Iran on Saturday morning, according to reports by state media.

Zam, 47, was found guilty of “corruption on earth” and sentenced to death in June 2020. The sentence was upheld by Iran’s Supreme Court on Tuesday this week, shortly before his execution.

The vague charge of “corruption on earth” is often used “in cases involving espionage or attempts to overthrow Iran’s government,”
What this poor guy did is not a crime in any other civilised country on earth, nevermind death sentence.

He created a website in which he exposed the corruption at the heart of the regime. Ironically, his information came directly from inside the regime.

The set him up and kidnapped him. They then interrogated him and took pictures which they then claimed came from his time in Israel. In reality he never went there.