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Oct 18, 2010
this guy is a sleazy character.
under investigation in iran for the same sort of behavior
and he escapes like a goat.
and now he is trouble in the uk :p

British-Iranian anthropologist who fled Iran accused of sexual abuse

A number of women have accused a prominent British-Iranian anthropologist who recently fled Iran of being a sexual predator who should not be allowed to continue working with women or with the vulnerable groups that are a focus of his research.

Kameel Ahmady, known for work on child marriage, female genital mutilation and LGBT communities in Iran, denies the allegations of sexual assault and harassment, which have led to his suspension from Iran’s Sociology Association.


Some of the claims were first made public last year, when the global #MeToo movement found voice in Iran in an outpouring of accusations against prominent figures, including Ahmady. At least seven allegations against him were published anonymously on social media accounts in August and September last year.

That led to an investigation by Iran’s Sociology Association, which suspended his membership and ended his role as secretary of the Children Sociological Studies Group after finding that “at the minimum, some abuse of power had occurred”.

“(His) behaviour resulted in the sexual abuse of several young researchers and violated ethical codes governing scientific and research activities,” the group, which does not have political affiliations, said in the statement.

British-Iranian anthropologist who fled Iran accused of sexual abuse | Iran | The Guardian


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Mar 26, 2006
What a waste of time and resources and so much lies from media and democrats for the past 4 years , they should be a shame . They are the biggest hypocrites of all
overal both parties are nothing but a sad joke that is ruining america
What a waste of time and resources and so much lies from media and democrats for the past 4 years , they should be a shame . They are the biggest hypocrites of all
overal both parties are nothing but a sad joke that is ruining america
Imagine the hypocrisy of those who spent an entire year supporting BLM violence and riots, burning major cities to the ground, impeaching Trump, the man who actually denounced the action of a minority of his supporters.
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Sep 23, 2004
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I was saying this very thing recently. The GOP will have a huge dilemma if Trump decides to stand again and because he will do so as an independent.
Yeah, no matter how you look at it, IMO, GOP is messed up for years ...
- If Trump run again as Republican --> 100% they will lose again
- if Trump run as independent --> he will split the vote and Democrats win.
Jan 26, 2006
I am personally glad he did NOT get impeached, now lets hope he starts his own party, split the republicans vote and ensure Democrats remain in power for looong time.Works for me.
Don't you think it is healthier for the long run if here is a strong conservative party in the USA, to balance the Democrats?

There are still some actual conservatives in the party, not those pandering to this new populist cult. The ones who get disgusted when Trump can't even recite a Bible verse or holds their holy book upside down, and aren't too keen about all his Epstein stuff and talking about having sex with young girls.

I mean, there are loads of them:


Ordinary conservatives have been sidelined for four years, and will gradually find their voice again. This nutbag's antics will be the stuff of history like every other joke populist wherever they are from (Ahmadinejad, Bolsonaro, Modi etc...). It just may take some time because society is so rotten at the moment.


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Feb 14, 2019
ترامپ, بایدن, دموکرات, جمهوری خواه, مستقل,....هنوز ایرانی نفهمیده که اگه مشکلش ایرانه, اینکه کی در امریکا چی بشه, هیچ فرقی به حالش نمیکنه, سگ زرد برادر شغاله. ۴۲ ساله ثابت شده. حالا مد شده ضد دموکرات بودن. یه دموکرات مادر به خطایی اینا رو ۴۲ سال پیش آورده سر کار, حالا اینا دیگه فراموش کردن که تو این ۴۲ سال جمهوری خواه و مستقلش هم اومدن و رفتن و همین اش و همین کاسه بوده. همون جمهوری خواه هایی که یه سری احمق حالا شدن سینه چاکشون, وقتی زمان بوش مردم رو تو خیابون سلاخی میکردن, معاونش اومد گفت ایران دموکراسیه . یعنی خفه شید, کمک به مردم بی کمک, همینی که هست. مشکل صدامه, نه جمهوری اسلامی. برید واقعا جمع کنید این مسخره بازی ها و صحبت های خنده دار رو. اگه به فکر امریکا هستید, بعله در این مورد, برید بزنید تو سر و کله همدیگه چون در سیاست داخلیه امریکا هنوز یه چند فرقی میون دموکرات و جمهوری خواه هست که اونم داره از بین میره. سیاست نون دونیه و در امریکا اقتصاد سیاست رو میگردونه و بهش خط میده نه بر عکس. مردم ولی اگه این جریان رو متوجه بشن, خیلی زود میفهمن که حتی تو امریکا و اروپا رای دادن هم دیگه یواش یواش ول معطلیه. هرکی که میخواد نون مفت و راحت در بیاره میره تو سیاست. همشونم میدونن که آخرش باید کاری رو انجام بدن که اقتصاد و کمپانی ها بهشون دیکته میکنن. یعنی آخرش به جای رگوله کردن جریانات اجتماع و اقتصاد و بهداشت و غیره, میشن ابزار کار اقتصاد و کمپانی های کله گنده تو پارلمان ها. واقعیت پوست کنده جوامع ما اینه. راه کار چیه؟ هیچی, آسه بری, آسه بیای, به کار و زندگی و خونوادت برسی, یه گوشه تو این دنیا یه زندگی آروم و راحت داشته باشی, به هیچکدوم از این کثافت کاری های سیاسی هم کاری نداشته باشی چون در هر صورت نه زور تغییرشون رو داری, نه خایه بیشتر از حرف زدنشو.