Hello ISP - Long Time....


Oct 16, 2008
Have not been reading the posts here, so I have no idea what the average ISP member feels about what is going on around us in the world. Hence this post - just gauging where we are as Iranians, Immigrants,...…… Here are some questions:
1- Other than the regular professional posters - Are there any members here who still believe IRI can be reformed?
2- On global events - do you see a desperate global leftist movement which has been threatened by the events of the last 4 years, ever since Trump was elected? Global leftist movement is the global established power which controls China, IRI, UN, EU, CNN, BBC...….Democrats in America....
3- How do you feel about Black Lives Matter? Do you see it as a natural reaction to police brutality, or do you see it as a leftist revolution brewing in America? Also, what do you think about EPL and Bundesliga players kneeling and supporting BLM?
Would appreciate thoughtful responses especially from members over 25!!
1. Yes there are some of those (everything can be reformed. In both directions)
2. Not just desperate, but downright criminal and aggressively winning too. Wars are looming.
3. BLM is a terrorist cult. Those who promote it mostly belong to 'hezbe-baad' and just go with whatever is 'in' today. EPL and Bundesliga are advertising businesses. They would promote puppy-torture if it paid well.


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
BT- YES YES AND YES and BLM causes racial division in my country between us whites and blacks. The party(DEM) uses the BLM to push their agenda.
Masoud welcome back and 1- Yes there are members everything can be refomred but like BT said will it be for the good or bd
Good call and welcome.