Housing markets around the world

So it seems like all the stimulus (money printing) coupled with people's sudden desire for "nesting" during covid has made the world's housing markets go absolutely berserk.

The market here in Toronto was already crazy prior to Covid, but now it's a total WTF. We're talking $1 million for basic townhouses that were half this price less than 2 years ago. I don't mind seeing my assets increase in value, but this is way beyond attainable for the new generation.

Homes in Toronto suburbs are now more expensive than most of the world except pockets of London, San Fran, LA and New York! Even those pockets are easily matched by upscale neighborhoods in Toronto core. Feels like the entire world wants a piece of the Greater Toronto Area.
Oct 18, 2002
The elites are f**kin the poor.

and when they get unhappier and pour in the streets in names of this and that. they will be astonished.