How should Reformist MPs act?

Jan 23, 2003
1) To reject outright all of AN's nominations. ie. they do not recognize AN as the president

2) Give the impression in Parliament that they will consider the nominations and perhaps vote yes for the ministers that are likely to be approved anyway and vote no for the ones that are in the balance.

The problem with the first option is that it could become 'lajbaazi' and unite the osoolgaras behind AN thus ANs cabinet passes

The second option could utilize the split between the osoolgaras and hopefully paralyse AN's attemps at forming a government but it could give the meaning that the reformers recognize AN as the president and have approved the election results- quite an ugly scenario especially if AN succeeds comfortably.
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Jun 18, 2005
Reject them all. This government is not legitimate and the MPs (if are truly representative of the people) should vote them down.

Lets do remember that these MPs were absent during AN's tanfiz ceremony.