How the hell does Yao Ming collect the most points in the all star voting?

Jan 31, 2004
I have a feeling that the asian community had a lot to do with this !

And where are Ray Allen, Amare Stoudemire, duane wade and steve nash on the starting lineup?
Oct 20, 2002
Long Island, NY
It surprises me that some people are still baffled as to why Yao is raking in record all-star votes. He has a country with a billion people for its population voting him into the all-star game, how is he NOT going to have the most votes ? He's worshipped all over China, there straight up is no bigger celebrity to Chinese people then Yao Ming.

Besides, with Shaq now in the East, who else is one to vote in for the Western Conference's starting Center ? Brad Miller ? Michael Olowakandi ? Sean Bradley ? Rasho Nesterovic ? Chris Kaman ?
Jan 31, 2004
...and how do bunch of people not get the sarcasm and post the same thing over and over ?

Another thing is that if a qualified player does not make it due to neccessary votes, coaches have the power to correct that. And that's why someone like steve nash, could still be included in the starting lineup.


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Oct 18, 2002
they can't insert them into the starting lineup as i understand it. they name the reserves. per nash is a reserve, really a shame that he isn't starting but at least the coaches made the right choice.

Babak G

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Feb 13, 2003
Parts Unknown
and when you got potentially 1 billion people voting for you, along with a reasonable vote support from the States too,then you are gonna start!