how to win a cup with planning


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Oct 18, 2010
this is how you do it.
the current qatar coach has been with these players since
2014 when he picked them for qatar u19 team.
continuity pays.
i must say carlos was very disappointing in developing
a youth program in iran in his 8 years over there.i think he
never even tried.

Félix Sánchez

Personal information Full name Félix Sánchez Bas
Date of birth 13 December 1975 (age 43)
Place of birth Barcelona, Spain
Club information
Current team
Qatar (head coach)

Teams managed Years Team1996–2006

Barcelona (youth)2006–2013

Aspire Academy 2013–2015

Qatar U19 2014–2017

Qatar U20 2017

Qatar U23 2017

2017 -
Jul 5, 2009
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no............. you know what?
That was a brain drop, that defender (whoever he was) thought he was going to let go of a wet fart, but he miscalculated and shit himself amounts of browny!!
One single motherfucking failure, you got that.....a single failure............. the rest is bullshit!!

by the way hAji.....
SHIT HAPPENS...... sometimes....



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Oct 18, 2010
no because i did not expect qatar to be in the finals.
once xavi made his picks and predicted qatar/japan final
i thought he is kissing his adopted home;s behind.
but once the tournament started i realized that qatar is
good and was expeting an iran/qatar final.
so i looked up the team and their manager.
the rest is clear in post #1 in this thread.

Félix Sánchez has played a key role in the Gulf Nation's progress, heading up a team backed by the likes of Sergio Alegre, Alberto Fernández Villanueva and Carlos Domenech.

For the past few years a strong bond has existed between the Qatar Football Federation (QFA) and Spanish sport. The Aspire Academy in Doha is headed by former Real Madrid strategy manager Iván Bravo with the Spaniard instrumental in the development of football in the gulf nation with the 2019 Asian Cup final against Japan testament on just how far the national team have advanced in a short spell of time.

After taking over at Aspire, Bravo selected some of the finest emerging coaching Spanish talent bringing over the likes of Roberto Olabe, Mikel Antía, Óscar Fernández, Sergio Alegre, Alberto Fernández-Villanueva and Carlos Domenech. Felix Sanchez was another young coach who cut his teeth at the FC Barcelona youth system before moving to Qatar in 2006 joining Aspire. The Catalan oversaw Qatar national teams at U-19, U-20 and U-23 levels before being given the first team job replacing Uruguayan Jorge Fossati in 2017.