"I love Iran" - Western academics who are advocates of Persian/Iranian history

Nov 29, 2002
I thought I'd make a thread to raise awareness of, and celebrate, the advocates of Iranian/Persian history and hopefully some of us can buy their books, attend their lectures and tell our friends (iranian and non-iranian) about them.

The reason why I made this thread was that I bumped into a Welsh professor on twitter who was commenting about Joanna Lumley's great visit to Iran which was on ITV yesterday (Check it out here: https://www.itv.com/hub/joanna-lumle...re/2a5513a0003 )

First up, it has to of course be Professor Richard Nelson Frye - Scholar of Iranian and Central Asian Studies, and Aga Khan Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies at Harvard University:

Nov 29, 2002
Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones is a Welsh professor of Persian Studies at Cardiff University.

He has written multiple books on Persia (and has lots of other interests in history too. I asked him his favourite part of Iran

"Well Takht-e Jamshid because of my research interest, but my favourite city is Isfahan. It is so elegant, so beautiful, and so friendly. But I must admit, I love the buzz of Tehran too. I need to visit Mashhad one day..."

Some of his books, he has lots more:



Ball Boy
Oct 22, 2016
Mr Frye died about 4 years ago I believe. I met him in LA. RIP

His daughter practices Sikhism.