Iran Persian Gulf Pro League 2019-2020 Fixtures , News, Transfers, Match Updates [R]

south Korean ref is a mother fucker.. not a single foul for Perspolis in Al Sad half..
Xavi faghat bagahle zamin yek band dare zer mizane be davar. khafe sho dige dayous.
tof to jado abade in davar jakeshe S.Korea.
ghashang malome goftan team jakeshe ghatari bayad bebare.. tof to rohe AFC
kose nanattt ghatarrrrr

fuck you Xaviiuu
bia kos kesh kare khodesho kard

Nemati Red Card
ridam to heykalet davarrr

WOW! Are you like this in real life dude?
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Kian Pars

Bench Warmer
Dec 9, 2005
I think we can play better against Ozbaks than Arabs. They are not that professional in going on our nerves and wasting time.
Imagine we had to play one KSA team, beat them then playing against another KSA team in west Asia final.