Iranian Valentine or SepandarMazgan?


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Feb 6, 2005
This site claims that Iranians in old time observed a day of love called Sepandar Mazgan (sp?):

چند سالي است حوالي 26 بهمن ماه (14 فوريه) كه مي شود هياهو و هيجان را در خيابان ها مي بينيم. مغازه هاي اجناس كادوئي لوكس و فانتزي غلغله مي شود. همه جا اسم والنتاین به گوش می خورد...
...اما كمتر كسي است كه بداند در ايران باستان، نه چون روميان از سه قرن پس از ميلاد، كه از بيست قرن پيش از ميلاد، روزي موسوم به روز عشق بوده است! جالب است بدانيد كه اين روز در تقويم جديد ايراني دقيقا مصادف است با 29 بهمن، يعني تنها 3 روز پس از والنتاين فرنگي! اين روز "سپندار مذگان" يا "اسفندار مذگان" نام داشته است.
khob alhamdollah!

should we ask foreigners to change their Valentine to Sepandar Mazgan and push it forward 3 days?!

I don't know. To me it seems like we Iranians will be living in the past for a long time. No one is to blame, but also it's nothing encouraging or good. What we are now is not what we want to be, that's what it all comes down to. Does living in the past change anything? I think not.

btw, if it's really an ancient FARSI word, then how come the spelling is with "ZAL"(ذ)?!


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Oct 19, 2002
is that true?how interesting!:)

No1 is suggesting here to change VDay's name to "Sepandar Mazgan" but the fact that back in old days,before anyone else, us Iranians had this event and tradition is really cute and interesting!